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Edifier R1280DB Review

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Edifier R1280DB: Are these Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers the Ones You’ve Been Looking For?

Are you fed up with wires connecting the studio speakers to your computer? If so, buying Bluetooth speakers seems like a wise option. But, which speakers should you go with? Finding a good set of wireless bookshelf speakers isn’t that easy, as they tend to create poor-quality audio, make a lot of distortions, or just cost too much.

Luckily, there are some Bluetooth bookshelf speakers that are superb in terms of performances, while their price is pretty moderate. One of those models is the Edifier R1280DB. These 2.0 speakers produce a studio-level quality of sound, meaning that they’re a good choice both for professionals and amateur audio aficionados.

Being able to produce accurate sound is just one of many reasons why you should definitely give Edifier R1280DB a thought. To help you make up your mind about whether these speakers are for you, we’ve decided to present you with a list of their most important features. So, here they are!


  • Wireless– These speakers use the Bluetooth technology to ensure no wires are needed. You can easily connect them to your computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, or some other device. Of course, if you prefer the old-fashioned wire connection, there’s a port for an optical cable at the back of the speaker.
  • Size– The size of Edifier R1280DB’s woofer is 4 inches in diameter, while the silk dome tweeter is 13 millimeters large. When it comes to the size of the entire speaker, the dimensions are 7.7 x 5.7 x 9.2 inches.
  • Material– The enclosure of Edifier R1280DB is made of wood. This makes it look good and also enhances its audio performances.
  • Controls– There’s a control panel on the side of the speaker, where you can choose to turn it off/on, adjust the volume, and so on. You will also receive a remote, which contains even more functions.
  • Warranty– The manufacturer is giving a 24-month warranty on these speakers. So, if something breaks, it’s their duty to fix it.
  • Design– Edifier R1280DB is available in two color versions – black and wood. Whichever you choose, you can be certain that these classy speakers are going to look very nice in your room/studio.


  • Audio performance– The sound produced by Edifier R1280DB is clear and crisp, regardless of the frequency.
  • Wireless connection– There’s no need for wires if you get yourself Edifier R1280DB. These speakers use Bluetooth technology to establish connection with computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This makes them a superb choice for you if you plan to keep them in your room. But, if you wish to use them for studio purposes, it’s best to ensure an uninterrupted connection by using an optical cable.
  • Beautiful design– These speakers look really elegant and are guaranteed to fit right in wherever you place them. You can choose either the all-black version or the version with black front panel and wooden sides. Whichever you pick, we promise you won’t get disappointed.
  • Easy to control – Not only there are control buttons on the side, but you can also use the remote to control the sound levels, as well as to turn the speakers on and off.
  • Quality-built speakers– Edifier R1280DB are speakers that can serve you well not for years but for decades. The enclosure is made of real wood, while the parts inside are built of top-quality materials, which won’t melt even if you play music for many hours straight.
  • 2-year warranty– The manufacturer is so confident of the durability of these speakers that they’re giving a 24-month warranty. So, if something breaks, they will fix it. Or, give you a brand-new Edifier R1280DB.


  • Not suitable for large studios – Edifier R1280DB are near-field speakers, meaning that they’re not going to produce the sound of impressive quality if you keep them far away from you.
  • You can pair the speakers only with one device– The speakers will memorize only one Bluetooth connection. This means that if you wish to play the music from your smartphone instead of your computer, you will have to disconnect the computer first before connecting the smartphone.


Edifier R1280DB have everything you may wish for from a set of Bluetooth speakers. Their performances are pretty decent and they’re very easy to use. Plus, these speakers look lovely, so you’re gonna love keeping them in your room or studio.


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