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Yamaha HS5 review

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Yamaha HS5: Is this the right 5” Monitor Speaker for You?

A good monitor speaker needs to be able to produce crystal-clear sound at all the frequencies the human ear can hear. Unfortunately, such speakers usually cost quite a lot. But, not all of them are expensive. Yamaha HS5, for instance, is an affordable 5-inch monitor speaker with really impressive audio performances in a very wide frequency range.

Obviously, the sound clarity is the main reason why Yamaha HS5 is super-popular among professionals and audio aficionados, but the good things about this studio monitor don’t end there. Yamaha HS5 is made and designed to work flawlessly for a really long time. It’s also very easy to use, not to mention that its classic design makes it fit right in any room (or music studio) without standing out.

So, all in all, Yamaha HS5 is a pretty decent choice. But, if you’re still not convinced that this 5-inch monitor speaker is the right one for you, make sure to check out its main features below!


  • Compact size– With its 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, this studio monitor seems ideal for smaller studios. Of course, its dimensions also make it very suitable for home use. But, the fact that it’s fairly small (the smallest in the HS series) does not mean that it’s not powerful. Actually, just the opposite is the truth.
  • Impressive audio performances– The woofer and the tweeter of Yamaha HS5 are powered by a pair of amplifiers with a total power of 70 Watts. The speaker produces very accurate sound at almost all the frequencies that the human ear can hear. Its frequency response covers the range of 54Hz-30 kHz.
  • Port design– It’s a fact that most speakers with the post design have problems with noise and distortion, but not this one. Yamaha engineers did a really good job with this speaker, reducing the noise level by a whole 6dB.
  • Controls– At the back side of Yamaha HS5, there are several buttons that allow you to adjust its settings. For instance, there’s a button for High TRIM control, as well as one for Room Control. The later should be switched on if the speaker is placed too close to a wall. Turing on the Room Control would deal with the strange low-end noise produced by the sound waves hitting the walls.
  • Color & style– Yamaha made this speaker very elegant, so that it could fit nicely literally any environment. What makes it stand out a little bit is the white color of its woofer. Speaking of colors, you can choose from the all-white version of Yamaha HS5 or the one with the black & white combo.
  • Sturdiness & warranty– The fact that it’s manufactured by Yamaha means that this is a quality product. It’s bound to work fine for many years, even though its warranty is 12 months. If something happens to the speaker in the first year since the purchase, the manufacturer is obliged to fix it or give you a new one.


  • Audio quality– The sound clearness of this studio monitor speaker is so impressive that it’s commonly used in small music studios.
  • Power– The bi-amplifier system is definitely a good thing, supplying both the tweeter and the woofer with more power, without taking a toll on their performances.
  • Easy to control– Even if you’re a newbie in the world of music production, you won’t have any problems learning how to use this speaker.
  • Nice design– The chances are high that you are going to love the classy design of this speaker.
  • Decent price– You would have to search really hard to find a 5-inch monitor speaker with a better price/quality ratio than Yamaha HS5.


  • Not meant for use in a large space– This monitor speaker was designed for the use in smaller rooms, not large studios. If you’re in a need of a more powerful speaker, it’s best to pick a larger model from the same series (Yamaha HS7 or Yamaha HS8).


Saying that we’re impressed with Yamaha HS8 would be an understatement. We love everything about this 5-inch monitor speaker, from the fact that its performances are amazing to the fact that it looks awesome. So, if you’re in need of such a device for your small music studio, look no further than Yamaha HS5!


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